Tim O'Rahilly Life Coaching


Are you happy with your life now, or are you in need of some changes?

There are flexible options available to help anyone wanting to take positive steps forward, so why not contact Tim direct by phone or email to arrange a short free consultation to establish your needs?

Personal coaching is usually delivered in sessions of one hour each, or as part of a cost saving package of 5-6 sessions including free personality profiling. All sessions are delivered one-to-one over the phone, by Skype, or in person according to circumstances and at times that suit you.

Tim is also happy to undertake group or team work and is very experienced in delivering workshops and seminars.

Special rates are available for students and young people.

If you feel that life is passing you by, or if you are in need of some positive changes, then why wait?

Here are just a few comments from satisfied recent clients:

Ben – Young man from Birmingham, in a dead end job and still living at home.

“Can’t thank you enough Tim for getting my life back on track. Your searching questions got me to wake up to my situation and do something about it. Not only did you get me out of the mindless rut I was in but I have already changed jobs and in the New Year I’m moving to a new flat of my own in the city center! Thanks again.”

Sean – Aspiring author in Dublin.

“You appear to have cured me of my writers block in one evening. I think I can reliably start calling you ‘Super Coach’ now instead of ‘Super Teacher’. ”

George – Successful business owner from Cambridge.

“I can only describe your efforts as liberating Tim. I had been drifting without purpose for way too long and you’ve helped me to see the possibilities ahead. For the first time in years I have a sense of purpose and direction. I have managed to sell the business and my partner and I are off to set up the kind of venture we have always wanted to run together. Please come and visit as soon as we’re settled.”

Penny – University student from Hertfordshire.

“Your patience and understanding have taught me so much and I have started to rebuild my relationship with my Father after too many years thinking he didn’t care about me. Thank you so much”