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What is Life Coaching?

I am often asked what Life Coaching is, and so I have decided to use this blog to try to answer this question.

Coaching means many things to different people. On the front of my website I posted a vision statement summarising what is important to me about coaching, but I accept that this still needs a simpler, more basic definition. The origin for this use of the word may go as far back as the horse drawn coach which transported people from one place to another. At its heart coaching is about transporting you from where you are now to a better future. We also  accept the use of the word in the sports performance context where a specialist will support and encourage the athlete to be the best they can be. This too is the goal of a Life Coach.

One definition of Life Coaching may be that it is the application of processes which allow you to take stock of your current situation and then, by taking action, move forward to where you want to be. There are many styles of coaching, but personal coaching seeks to equip you with the tools and resources to take control of your life in any chosen direction.

We should also be clear about what coaching is not.  Life Coaching is not counselling, and so does not seek to interpret the past. The starting point of coaching is where you are now, not where you might have come from. Also, coaching is not a set of rules or instructions, nor is it a load of ‘expert’ advice about what you should do. Your coach will ask searching questions to draw out strategies based on the powerful resources which we each carry within us.

Whatever personal challenges you may be facing, your coach will assess whether or not coaching is appropriate for you and your situation. Once this is clear, you coach will apply a variety of techniques and processes to guide you on your life changing journey to a brighter future.

As a Personal Performance Coach I offer support in many areas, so if you want to talk about one-on-one coaching then contact me. If you have any questions or comments about what I have said here then please post a note here.

Future blogs in this series will look at Parent Coaching, Youth Coaching, Transition Coaching, Small Business Coaching, DISC Profiling, Stress Coaching, Goal Setting, Career Coaching, Coaching for Teachers, NLP Coaching and Coaching Workshops.


  1. Thanks Tim. I am sure that life coaches are a powerful tool. Some people may not realise that they would benefit from one so in answer to that who would benefit? What sort of outcomes are available? Can it be done long distance ( e.g. using Skype)?

    • Hi Frank, Many thanks for your comment and yes indeed there are many benefits to working with a life coach and I hope that my website outlines some of these? Benefits can be achieved in so many areas of personal performance it really depends on where you are coming from and what your goals are in any given area. Many of my clients are seeking help with change or transition in their personal or professional lives. I aim to bring clarity and focus to their decision making and support on their journey. Most of my coaching is done remotely, so either by phone, Messenger or skype and I do not recognise distance or national boundaries! Tim.

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