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Life Long Learning

One of the most consistent themes of my life has been a profound belief in the value of life long learning. We live is a world of such rapid change across all facets of our lives that unless we make a positive decision to keep up, we can be left feeling overwhelmed by the world around us. Real learning has to be a conscious effort, since we are daily bombarded by so much information that we can easily drift along observing life at a very shallow level.

Learning can come from books or from academia but it certainly does not have to. The internet provides a wealth of learning opportunities and is without doubt the most powerful and flexible research tool which has ever existed. The Internet is also a truly universal tool in that it can be used regardless of national boundaries, social class or age.

It is my firm belief that we can gain priceless knowledge and skills from each other too. Follow those who inspire you or have earned your respect and try to learn from them. Maybe they have the wisdom of years, experience of life or, success in their chosen¬†endeavors. Above all surround yourself with positive, purposeful, passionate people. I am still learning from people like this all the time! This last weekend I had the good fortune to attend an event in London hosted by the Entrepreneurs Business Academy (EBA). The speakers were all millionaire business men and women who have chosen to share their success with others by passing on their knowledge and considerable experience. I learned a lot by listening to these people and I look forward to working with some of them in the coming months. The most charismatic of the group was the millionaire ‘Dragon’ James Caan who shared his own remarkable story with us. Here is a man who is truly passionate about what he does and who is so much more than just a TV personality!

I could not write about Learning and not set some homework so here are your 3 tasks! First if you have enjoyed reading this add a comment or any questions you might have? Second. Google The EBA and learn more about their work and events. Lastly check out the Wikepedia entry for James Caan to see why I admire the man.
I will return to the topic of life long learning in future blogs so do check back regularly. Also please choose your path through life. Are you going to be somebody who makes things happen? Will you just stand on the sideline and watch things happen or, will you look up one day and wonder “What happened?”

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  1. That was a great topic, I enjoyed reading!
    and i can surely say that i learn from you all the time
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