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Managing Stress

This posting was edited, updated and reposted on 13th May 2015 as part of the Mindful May series.


  1. Great blog post Tim!

    I am one of those people that needs stress – to some extent – to drive me towards my goals. Whether my stress is healthy is another question, but it certainly does keep my excitement, enthusiasm and passion fueled.

    My stress management skills definitely need some working on as a) I don’t exercise (unless getting up from my desk to pour myself another coffee counts) and b) I struggle with relaxation and sleep (I have trouble toggling my buttons to “off”).

    I’m going to take your tips on-board and try to up my exercise (even if just taking a walk in the local park with my boys) and upping my sleep!

    Thanks again.

  2. This is a very important point we are facing today. I’m a manager in a very big IT company and we are all trying to solve this big issue (I mean the high level of stress of the people). As a first line manager we must taking care of our rep…ortees and try to detect the signs of the “bad” stress in our teams and find solutions. This is not very easy and it’s a huge topic by itself. Managing (or at least identifying) the stress level of our people is also very hard when, as a manager, you are reaching yourself the “point of no return” as very often. Managing the stress at work is also a source of stress. So first I think it is important understand what the “stress” is and this blog will be very helpfull for that. So thank you Tim.

  3. I fully agree, but stress is related as well to how much you like what you’re doing.if you’re happy, stress won’t have a big impact on you…Too many men are in jobs just to have the bills paid, not because they’re passionate in what they’re doing.Somebody once told me: liking your job is mostly determined by your boss..if he is a nice and decent guy, backing you, helping you and stimulating you, makes youl like your job and you’ll be able to handle the stress…unfortunately there are only few “good” bosses, maybe because it’s because they have awful bosses themselves?

  4. Wow! Some great replies here so I will definitely be returning to this topic!

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